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My Soul


I am a licensed massage therapist with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and a strong background in Human Development. My goal is to provide compassionate customized, sessions, providing each individual with a positive and calming release for a balanced life. It has been an interesting journey on my way to becoming a massage therapist. I have always had a passion for working with people, beginning with my work with adults who have developmental disabilities. Through my work with these adults I have been able to gain a sense of intuition for how a person is feeling and their reactions to certain treatments, be it medical, physical or holistic.

One day as I was doing a little soul searching, I began pondering what could I do to truly change a person’s life, both mentally and physically? I decided to look into massage therapy and nutrition. I believed that a person can be both physically and mentally fulfilled with a healthy diet and a calm body. By calm body I mean a body free of pain and stress. I personally had never received a massage, yet I was fascinated with the healing powers of touch. My first experience with massage was nerve wracking, however once I focused on my breathing I really began to relax and feel the power of conscious touch. I found myself living in the moment and felt the stress melt off of my body. I thought wow this is amazing and it can truly help. I believe that I found massage at the perfect time in my life. Massage has helped me overcome many different issues in my life and feel better about my own self-image. I have a desire and passion to help others feel relaxed, confident and happy.

My goal is to help people feel comfortable, relaxed and aware of their bodies, to improve self worth and body image.